Tazig Samten Ling

Samten Yeshe Rinpoche

Practice of Dzambala


Lama Samten Yeshe Rinpoche invites you to


This practice aims to bring together all new positive energies (the energies of the 5 elements, long life, health, work, etc.) to bring prosperity to all areas of our lives for the new year.

This celebration is open to all

Montpellier Tazig Center – 22 rue de la République – 34000 Montpellier, from 10 am to 6 pm

Participation for this day: 35 euros – reduced price 25 euros (60 euros if you want to buy your Pumba and Dhada) and 45 euros for a person who can not attend the practice but who wants to have a Pumba and a Dhada at home. These practice objects are filled with precious and sacred Tibetan substances and mantras blessed by Lama Samten Yeshe Rinpoche.

Weekly courses

Information, schedules, locations and prices of weekly practices

Lama Samten Yeshé Rinpoche teaches regularly in the cities of Arles, Carcassonne, Montpellier, Nîmes and Rogues.

For the other one-off locations, please refer to the Agenda – Practice Days section.



In Montpellier, yoga and meditation sessions are held weekly, in addition to lessons that take place on 3rd weekend of each month.

Location:  Center Tazig Samten Ling – 22, rue de la République, Montpellier (in front of St Roch train station, between Boulangerie and Le Magasin RedK). Information by phone at or by email at  takzigsamtenling@gmail.com .

The MONTPELLIER center will be closed from Sunday, December 24 to Wednesday, January 3, 2018. Resumption of Tibetan yoga and meditation classes on Monday, January 8th.

Rinpoche plans to give Tibetan yoga and meditation classes in Montpellier on Thursday from 12:30 to 1:30 pm. Interested persons are invited to contact the Tazig secretariat on 07 83 38 96 89 or by email at takzigsamtenling@gmail.com Do not hesitate to share the information. Thank you.

Schedule of weekly classes

– 6:15 to 7:40 pm Tibetan Yoga (advanced level)
– 7:45 pm to 9 pm Meditation (advanced level)

Wednesdays  :
– 3 to 4 pm Yoga and Meditation for children 6 to 11 years old
– 4:15 to 5:15 pm Yoga and Meditation for children aged 12 to 18

Thursdays  :
– 6:15 to 7:40 pm Tibetan Yoga (beginner level)
– 7:45 pm to 9 pm Meditation (beginner level)


In Arles, lessons are held on the 4 th  Sunday of each month. Information: 06 85 96 40 61 or by mail:  lanya.gc@gmail.com.


In Carcassonne, lessons are held on the 2nd weekend. of each month. Saturday from 2 pm to 6.45 pm: lessons for beginners, yoga and meditation. Sundays from 10 am to 6 pm: lessons for advanced students. Information on 06 87 01 21 91 or by email:  martine.rambeau123@orange.fr .


In Lauris, lessons are held on the 4 th  Saturday of each month. Information: 06 61 21 89 97.


In Nîmes, Tibetan Yoga and meditation classes will take place on Wednesdays at the end of the day. – Information to come.


In Pérols, Tibetan Yoga and meditation classes will take place every first Tuesday of the month from 12 September 2017, from 6 to 8 PM. Salle Kuyten (near the cooperative cellar). For more information, call Agnes : 06 16 63 94 71.


In Rogues, lessons are held on the 1st Sunday of each month. Information: 06 95 05 66 45 or by email:  info-rogues@tazigsamtenling.org

Annual Membership

15 € per person – 20 € for a couple.

Online membership, via PayPal (see the ”  Shop  “), or payment by check payable to: Association Tazig Samten Ling to be returned to Association Samten Ling – 22, rue de la République – 34000 Montpellier.

  • Yoga or meditation classes (adults)

– With subscription:
1 per week: 12 classes for 100 euros (or 8.30 € per course)
2 courses per week: 24 classes for 168 euros (€ 7.00 each)
3 classes per week: 36 courses 234 euros (€ 6.50 per course)

Subscriptions are valid from the date of purchase.
They are payable in 2 or 3 checks cashed in 3 months maximum.

Any subscription implies membership to the Tazig Samten Ling association, the same applies to any participation in teaching or retreats.

IMPORTANT: For the practice of yoga, it will be necessary to bring a medical certificate with the mention “Able to practice yoga“.

– Without subscription: 10 € the course.

– Trial course, yoga + meditation in the same evening: 15 €.

  • Yoga and meditation classes (children)

– 75 € per quarter (ie 10 lessons outside school holidays)

  • Tibetan Course

– 10 € the course of 1 h 30


If you wish to engage more deeply in the Bön teachings, you must start with the Ngöndro (or preliminary practices).

In nine stages, it establishes a solid foundation of practice, cleanses your mind in order to recognize its true nature, to receive the blessings of the lineage and to establish a proper motivation for the practice (awakening of all beings).

  • Lama’i Naldjor (Guru Yoga)
  • Refuge
  • Boddhicita
  • Mandala Offering
  • Purification by the mantra of 100 syllables
  • 3 Mantras

Thereafter, the practice is centered around the Dzogchen.

Tibetan yoga (Tsa-Lung)

Practice of the Tsa Lung Trul Khor (Tibetan Yoga)

Tibetan Yoga (Tsa-Lung Trul-Khor) is a spiritual practice that purifies, soothes, balances and harmonizes the body and mind by working on the internal breaths and canals to facilitate the circulation of energies. This yoga also uses meditation and visualization techniques.

Its goal is not only to enable you to find a physical and mental well-being but also to raise the true nature of your mind, namely wisdom and compassion.

To learn more about Tibetan yoga classes, see Weekly Courses .

Meditation classes

The aim of meditation is to awaken in us the nature of our mind, similar to the sky, to introduce ourselves to what we really are: our pure and immutable state, underlying the totality of life and death.

In the quiet and silence of meditation, we glimpse and re-enter this inner deep and secret nature which we have lost sight of for so long in the business and the distractions of our mind.

Consult the agenda of the weekly classes .

Consult the agenda of practice days .

For more information, please contact us at:  takzigsamtenling@gmail.com

Tibetan astrology


Tibetan astrology is a sacred divinatory art that guides us in our path of life. There are two forms: Tibetan astrology kartsi (study of planets and stars) and Tibetan astrology nagtsi (which links the 5 elements) which is the one that Lama Samten Yeshé Rinpoche is practicing.

Its study is a unique tool to help us identify the barriers to health, our resources, our mental and emotional balance, and identify solutions to overcome and overcome these challenges.

Our physical, material and spiritual condition is very closely related to the balance of the five aspects or forces of our life that are: vital energy (SOK), body or physical health (LU), finances or personal power Tang), social integration and success (LOUNGTA) and mental trust (LA).

Tibetan astrology allows us to know the methods to be applied to regain this balance.

Lama Samten can also establish accompanying astrological themes for the deceased, a valuable help when passing from life to death.



Full astrological theme: 80 euros
Length of consultations: about 45 minutes

Divination: 20 euros

If you want to complete your birth chart with an astral theme of the year or health, a compatibility theme for couples or specific divinations, please indicate this when making your appointment.

For more information and / or appointments: takzigsamtenling@gmail.com

Tibetan Course

Mantra of Long Life

Lama Samten Yeshé Rinpoche, bilingual French-Tibetan, teaches Tibetan language. You will have the opportunity to discover and learn an ancient and rich language and to familiarize yourself with the vocabulary of Tibetan Buddhism.

Students, when they have mastered reading, which is a prerequisite to the study of language, can choose one of these two options: the study of spoken language or the study of written language oriented towards the knowledge of Buddhism and of his vocabulary.

For more information:  takzigsamtenling@gmail.com


Private practice

Lama Samten Yeshé Rinpoche can perform certain rituals and pujas on request in a private way, whether for you or a loved one.

They can be rituals used to repel obstacles, to purify themselves, for a deceased person or for any other personal reason.

Traditionally, this is organized at the expense of the applicant and whith a donation to the lama.


The main proposed ceremonies are:

  • Long Life Ritual
  • Ritual for a deceased person
  • Practice helping to overcome obstacles
  • Ritual against negative energies
  • Divination Ritual
  • Establishment of an astrological theme

This list is not exhaustive. Do not hesitate to send your request to the lama, you will get in return practical indications to organize the appropriate ritual.

For more information: takzigsamtenling@gmail.com