Tibetan astrology


Tibetan astrology is a sacred divinatory art that guides us in our path of life. There are two forms: Tibetan astrology kartsi (study of planets and stars) and Tibetan astrology nagtsi (which links the 5 elements) which is the one that Lama Samten Yeshé Rinpoche is practicing.

Its study is a unique tool to help us identify the barriers to health, our resources, our mental and emotional balance, and identify solutions to overcome and overcome these challenges.

Our physical, material and spiritual condition is very closely related to the balance of the five aspects or forces of our life that are: vital energy (SOK), body or physical health (LU), finances or personal power Tang), social integration and success (LOUNGTA) and mental trust (LA).

Tibetan astrology allows us to know the methods to be applied to regain this balance.

Lama Samten can also establish accompanying astrological themes for the deceased, a valuable help when passing from life to death.



Full astrological theme: 80 euros
Length of consultations: about 45 minutes

Divination: 20 euros

If you want to complete your birth chart with an astral theme of the year or health, a compatibility theme for couples or specific divinations, please indicate this when making your appointment.

For more information and / or appointments: takzigsamtenling@gmail.com