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CD of Traditional Chants of Bön Buddhism of Tibet:  Chants du Ngondro. On the path of wisdom , by Lama Samten Yeshé Rinpoche. Duration 70 ‘. Price: 13 € + shipping costs.




List of titles:

  • Prayer to Nyamé Sherab Gyaltsen (develop wisdom)
  • Laminaljor (Guru Yoga, receive the blessing of the lineage of the Masters)
  • Laminaljor fast (Guru Yoga, receive the blessing of the lineage of the Masters)
  • Song of the refuge (follow the teachings to protect oneself from the sufferings of samsara)
  • Boddhicita (to free oneself from one’s ego and help all beings in suffering)
  • Mandala Offering (accumulation of merits)
  • Mantra of the 100 syllables (king mantra to clean up negative energies)
  • 3 MANTRAS OF THE HEART (clean the 3 doors: spirit, speech, body)
    • 1st mantra A KAR SA LE
    • 2nd mantra MA TRI
    • 3rd mantra A KA RAM
    • Continuation of the 3rd mantra A KA SEM NYING NAMPA DA
  • Dedication (for all beings, cleanse karma and reconnect to the true nature of the spirit)
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